Remy Latour

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THE CHOICE OF ELEGANCE Rémy Latour remains the brand of the Parfums Parour group, symbol of the tradition of luxury in an authentic continuity. She enlivens her original creations with an elegant sophistication vibrating with the magic of balance and harmony. Its faithful initiates are refined amateurs cultivating a taste for existence, the art of living taken to the extreme. For these women and men in perpetual search for distinction, hedonists at heart, Rémy Latour signs fragrances of subtle intensity, carrying values inspired by conceptual and original ideas. Cigar, his famous perfume for men, infuses his style by going beyond conventional boundaries. With daring and refinement, Rémy Latour imposes himself with the most successful designs and the most natural eclecticism. For more information, go to émy Latour has remained a symbol of luxurious tradition with long-lasting authenticity for the Parfums Parour brand. It brings life to its original creations with elegant sophistication balanced with magical harmony. Its loyal fans are refined and cultivate the taste of living life to its fullest. For these men and women in the perpetual quest for refinement, for these hedonistic souls, Rémy Latour has created perfumes with a subtle intensity, imparting values inspired by original concepts. The style of Cigar, its popular perfume for men, goes beyond conventional boundaries. Bold and refined Rémy Latour stands out with is accomplished designs and the most natural eclecticism. For more info, visit